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In prepping for the receipt of email scores once events have been cross checked (yes it does take time), I would like to let you know you will be receiving email from ““.

Almost all of us have some sort of spam filter, spam folder or junk email folder.

If you can, I suggest you add this email address to your contacts and/or “Safe Senders List.”

We have also had issues with delays on microsoft accounts;, and

Please check your spam folder or junk email folder, prior to asking us to check.

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News Update


These are the options for crating at the Nationals:

No charge:

  1. horse sand ring – there are approximately 200 spot available in this area. It is to the west of the competition designated “Regular”. Competitors can claim a 10×10 spot, but they are responsible for providing their own shade tent. (BC competitors: there will be no crating on the grass surrounding the horse ring)
  2. limited grass crating areas – there are two grass areas that are close to the competition rings that tbird has allowed us to use for tents – but there are only about 30 available spots
  3. Grass ring to left of 248th (we will use this option if the horse ring is flooded with rain)

Fee for Use:

  1. covered horse stalls: available at a discount for National Competitors – the fee from Thunderbird is $80 plus tax but we will subsidize that fee to $50 plus tax. You can rent 1/2 a stall for $25 for the full weekend (no sharing your half with friends please) and take a chance on who you are sharing with, or you can book a full stall and fill it with whoever you choose. There is no worry about lack of stalls – Thunderbird can accommodate over 1000 horses. There will be a “placement” fee for the horse stalls as so many of you like to “be beside someone”, much the same as reserving an outdoor crating spot, but the fee to be placed with someone is optional – you can still book a stall and your name will be on one when you arrive. Stalls will be assigned as the booking is made through the online registration system. You can book more than one stall when you register – if you do that, don’t pay the $5 placement fee as stalls booked by the same person will be placed together. Thunderbird will be providing horse stall maps by June 23.

IF you haven’t competed in your Regionals yet, but are going to come to Nationals if you do, you can go ahead and book a horse stall and/or RV spot when registration opens. That way you are not last in! If you do not qualify, we will refund any prepaid fees for these two items with just a $3 deduction for bank fees for deposits and refunds.

Thunderbird is preparing a site map showing the grass areas we are not allowed to crate on. I will post that as soon as I get it.


The premium is posted on this website in both French and English. All registration will be ONLINE only through A notice will go out on fb and agilcan as soon as it is open.


There are currently 65 full service RV spots at Thunderbird available to us, and they reserve the right to reduce that number should they need a spot for a sponsor’s RV. I don’t find out until approximately 10 days before our event if the number of full service spots has changed (doesn’t usually change by more than one or two). We have at least 30 self-contained spots and could request more should the need arise. If you register for a full service spot, I will place them first in first placed. If we fill up, I will write to you and ask if you wish a self-contained spot. The difference in nightly fees will be refunded should you be placed in a SC instead of FS. Some of the RV locations are further away than others and they are not intended to be used as daytime crating facilities. They are only a few minutes walk away from the competition area but still too far to use between walk throughs/runs! We do have golf carts available to rent should you desire that mode of transport. Thunderbird has washrooms near the two largest RV areas, and one has shower and laundry facilities.

PreQual Applications

If you need to apply to do PreQual please send a letter to the Chair of the NSC, Tahnis Manhard: – you should do that now. There will be 35 spots available and you need permission to enter the PreQual events.

Road Parking

For those of you who were there for the BC Yukon Regionals, please note that tbird is going to be a lot stricter about cars parking on the road. That will be disallowed for safety reasons – you can unload gear and then must move to the parking areas (of which there are many).

I hope this answers some of the questions I have been receiving.


Sponsor and Vendor Information and Forms Available

aac_logoInterested in becoming a sponsor or a vendor at the AAC National Championship? 


Have a product or service you would like to dog owners to know about?


Here is a PDF of the Sponsor, Donations and Vendor Information brochure to find out how you can be a partner to our well-attended, very exciting, dog agility event:

Event Booking Agreement for Vendors

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joanie-Leigh at

Volunteer form now available!

aac_logoAAC 2017 National Dog Agility Championship:
Friday August 4th – Sunday August 6th, 2017 at Thunderbird Show Park:

Volunteer Application Form

Save and email application to: Laurel Brunke (, or Print and mail to: 12451 263 Street Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1C4

Volunteer Application Form

This form can be filled out directly when using Internet Explorer on Windows. Depending on the version of Acrobat Reader or other pdf viewer, you may be able to email it directly from Acrobat Reader withing Internet Explorer. When clicking on the email button, please choose to “Send a copy” and choose your default email application and email the form to Laurel Brunke (

In Firefox once the form opens in a new tab; you may get a warning that the pdf document contains forms – to the right may be a link to open with a different viewer. Open with Acrobat Reader, fill in the details and click on the email button. Please choose to “send a copy” and choose your default email application and email it to Laurel Brunke (

In Chrome it looks like it must be saved to disk and then opened to be filled out. When your mouse is over the page there should be links that appear in the top right of the document to either print it (printer icon) or save it to disk (downward arrow).

Alternatively, save the file to disk and open it and fill out the fields, then email a copy by attaching it to an email to Laurel Brunke (

In all cases you can simply print the file and mail it to Laurel Brunke and mail it to 12451 263 Street Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1C4