Closing tonight at Midnight (July 7)

so… more panicking on the Nationals front…  of course today is closing so there are a few that just love a countdown, hey?

If you go online and see:
    Registration closes on July 7 – that is midnight tonight – not right now.
If you email and get the following message:
    I am away until July 11, 2017
SHE is still answering emails – so please send her one. You can also cc me so that we know you at least attempted to enter the Nationals AT THE LAST MINUTE (okay i am sorta smiling) and we will honour the entry attempt.
Trying to make sure there are no stressful moments out there. I repeat: If you try and register today on, and you have issues with password/login we will recognize it as a valid attempt to enter by the closing. Just make sure you send an email to us, backing up your attempt.
Emails after midnight, however, will not be included in this arrangement. So, for goodness sakes stop procrastinating. And share this with your fellow procrastinators that maybe not on the aglican list
yours (with attempts at humour)

Agility Rocks online registration

If you receive a message from that Brenda is away until July 11, please do not panic. She is getting emails at night and answering as she can. All emails will be answered Friday at latest. If you are just adding to your order (have already accessed agilityrocks online and done some entries, contact with your added items.

Nationals will be LIVE!

The 2017 AAC Nationals committee is thrilled to be able to announce we will have live streaming at Nationals!

now the fun part! What events do we want streamed? We can only have one at a time – so I was thinking we can focus on the spec/vet Gamble ring and possibly the regular Gamble ring (going out tomorrow to see what the focus/range is like)

Then we would have to schedule the groups so everyone gets on the live stream at least once – for example, spec/vet group a first , then regulars group b, then spec/vet group c on Saturday then regulars group a, spec/vet group b, regulars group c

We would also ask them to live stream the steeplechase event and possibly some of Friday – JH and some prequal? Will talk to them tomorrow about those logistics

It will be broadcast on

Search for Thunderbird they have their own channel

Full Service RV Spots

It seems we might be full! We cannot confirm the last few spots registered until two weeks before the event as Tbird allows sponsors to leave their RVs in the spots (usually only five or six do so) If you just registered for a full-service RV spot this week, we may not be able to accommodate you in a FS, but have some self-contained left.

Will keep you all as informed as we can on this. It is good to let us know you need a full service – register anyway – we will start a waitlist as there are often pulls. If you are moved to a self-service you will be refunded the difference.