Scoring Email Bulletin

Hi There,

In prepping for the receipt of email scores once events have been cross checked (yes it does take time), I would like to let you know you will be receiving email from ““.

Almost all of us have some sort of spam filter, spam folder or junk email folder.

If you can, I suggest you add this email address to your contacts and/or “Safe Senders List.”

We have also had issues with delays on microsoft accounts;, and

Please check your spam folder or junk email folder, prior to asking us to check.

Thank you,


Competitor Email going out today

The following message will be sent to each competitor mailbox to see if we have all emails correct and also because some competitors have not been visiting the website. Just waiting for the french translation to send it out:


We are so close to the event! Please travel save, we want to see all of you arrive

It seems that some have not been checking the website! If you haven’t visited yet, please do so. You will find RV listings, stall listings, printable schedules, groups. running orders and the Competitor Catalogue – all available for downloading.
There will not be a printed catalogue available for competitors at check in. There will be a few copies in locations around the site to read or review, but most competitors are asked to download the catalogue from the website and then print just the material they need for the competition. If you have already left home, and didn’t print one expecting to receive it at the site, you can send me an email letting me know and I will see what I can do to assist.
The French version of the catalogue is being loaded to the site this morning – we are so grateful for all the work Claudio Ferrari and Tania Gauthier have done for us in translating materials. If there are any glaring translation errors – I wouldn’t look to either of them, I suspect Christina Sanders had to use Google Translator as we ran out of time on one or two items.
The weekend is supposed to be very hot so please bring all the necessities to keep you and your dog cool. We would like to let you know that the water available in the washrooms is already filtered and lovely to drink so please refill those bottles and water dishes frequently! You may have heard that the BC Interior has been plagued by wildfires, some of our competitors have even had to evacuate their homes during the past month, many still on alert for possible evacuations. These fires combined with our heat wave, have caused an air quality alert, most especially for Tuesday – Thursday of this week, with temperatures expected to be more moderate by the weekend. Please don’t think you are coming to a smoke-filled event – but those with vulnerable respiratory issues need to be aware of reactions to the heat and possible particles in the air.
Human First aid is available in the Timber Frame building (by registration/check in) and dog first aid is available at Dr. Lane’s Points East West vendor tent.
BRING CASH! We are offering many ways for you to spend it! 33 vendors offering services, supplies and food, including dog chiro, acupuncture and massage. We have a wonderful bar up by the registration that will be open Friday – Saturday 3 pm – 8 pm and Sunday 1-8, serving a large variety of alcohol. There is a silent auction on Saturday only – closing at 6 pm – including items like Milwaukee Fans and battery packs, Ruff Tuff Kennel, Hill Agility Equipment and trial entries from local clubs. The silent auction and bar cannot accept credit card/debit card payment requests – however, there are two ATMs on the site.
There is guest wifi at the site – password is “Longines”.
Please don’t miss the opening ceremonies on Friday night (approximately 5:45) – we will be recognizing our Junior Handlers, successful prequal competitors, announcing the drawn National courses (they will be “officially” drawn on Friday morning right before the Steeplechase begins so we can get copies for the course builders to start as soon as Friday events are completed), and of course, introducing our judges – might be a bit entertaining ;-).
All the tickets for the banquet have been sold – but if you are interested, please send an email and we will start a list in case anyone can no longer attend and wishes to sell their ticket.
We look forward to hosting this event for you!

3-Dog Team Thank you!!!

ARG. as always happens when you rush! there is another person (and there will probably be more!!!) who didn’t get thanked in the catalogue!!!!
Please give a big MERCI to Tracey Mallinson for doing the Three Dog Team paper work. She was appointed from the Board and nobody at the committee level needed to worry about this at all. Which, darn it, made me overlook her role!
Thank you Tracey!!!!!! Hear the clapping from Burnaby????