Scoring Email Bulletin

Hi There,

In prepping for the receipt of email scores once events have been cross checked (yes it does take time), I would like to let you know you will be receiving email from ““.

Almost all of us have some sort of spam filter, spam folder or junk email folder.

If you can, I suggest you add this email address to your contacts and/or “Safe Senders List.”

We have also had issues with delays on microsoft accounts;, and

Please check your spam folder or junk email folder, prior to asking us to check.

Thank you,


One thought on “Scoring Email Bulletin

  1. If you want to switch email addresses; now is the time to ask.

    BC competitors who switched for regional will only have what was in the owner info in your registration, that is your usual email address. Any changes made for 2017 regional were temporary.

    And just a note; only National individual event scores will be emailed. We won’t be doing the 711 Steeplechase scores.

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