Kirsten Locke

KirstenLockeI found agility in 1996 with my small mixed breed dog, Madison.   When Madison was too shy to participate in flyball, someone suggested I increase her confidence with an agility class.  So off we went and didn’t look back.   Since Madison, I have had the thrill of training and running my border collie, Derby.    In recent years, I have added two enthusiastic Irish Setters, Brazen and Bunny.

I took my first AAC judging clinic in 1999 and my Masters level clinic in 2000.  I have been fortunate to gain experience with the sport and witness some very exciting progress as we evolve as trainers, competitors and judges.

I currently live in Kelowna with my husband Derek, two teenaged boys and the Irish gals.

I am honoured to have been invited to judge at the 2017 AAC National Championships.    I look forward to having a center ring vantage point to some of the best agility teams in the country.  I wish the competitors, both canine and human, the best of luck as you step to the line.  I hope you have fast runs, fantastic handling, and connection extraordinaire.  Don’t forget to love your dog – she is your partner and your pride.  Enjoy the weekend!