Canadian Amateur Owner/Handler Award

The AAC Nationals Committee is pleased to offer this brand new award to competitors this year!

Rules and Prizes:

  • One award for Regular dogs, one for Specials, and one for Veterans (combine SD and DD dogs).
  • Highest aggregate score, as per usual AAC Nationals scoring.
  • At least $500 for each winner + commemorative item + ribbon/certificate
  • A handler may only win once. If a handler has the top scoring dogs in two or more of the categories, the prize will be awarded for the category in which the dog earns the highest score. The dog that earns the second highest score in the other category will be declared the winner of the second category. In the unlikely event that two dogs are tied, the gamble scores will determine the winner.

In order to be eligible for the 2017 Agility Association of Canada National Championship awards for Top Canadian Amateur Owner-Handler, the following declaration must be signed and submitted with your entry, or during registration, prior to the first aggregate event.

This declaration will be included with the official Nationals Entry Form:


I hereby certify that the following statements regarding my entry are true:

  1. I am a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
  2. I am at least 18 years old as of the first day of the National event.
  3. I am an AAC member in good standing.   My AAC membership number is:
  4. I am the owner of record on my dog’s AAC ID card, as of the date of national entries. If a co-owner is listed on the ID card, it is a member of my immediate family.
  5. I am not currently, or at any time since Jan 1, 2016, teaching agility classes for any compensation (money, training time, other goods and services), in person, or on-line. EXCEPTION: teaching Juniors ONLY.
  6. I do not have any individual endorsement or sponsorship agreements that rely wholly or in part on my agility performance. EXCEPTION: groups sponsorship agreements related to IFCS team fund-raising are permitted.
  7. Please list the name, ID number and category/jump height for all dogs that meet the above criteria:

Name                          AAC #                                  category/ height

Dog 1

Dog 2

Dog 3


Signed:                                                                                        Date: