AAC Nationals 3-Dog Team Award


The team with the TOP combined 12 score point total, will earn the title of “AAC NATIONAL 3-DOG TEAM CHAMPIONS”, bragging rights for their Region, and an AAC Sponsored CASH prize of $1200 to the 1st Place 3-Dog Team, $600 to the 2nd Place 3-Dog Team, and $300 to the 3rd Place 3-Dog Team


 All competitors must be entered in the AAC National Agility Championships

  • BOTH Dogs and Handlers must be current AAC Members as of April 1
  • There will be three dog/handler pairs on each team
  • One person cannot run multiple dogs on the same team
  • Dogs can only be entered on one team
  • Handlers can be entered on multiple teams with different dogs
  • ALL three dogs on the team must be from the same Region (BC and ON both have 2 separate regions, so make sure you are from the same region)
  • There is no limit to the number of teams from any Region
  • Max of TWO Veteran dogs per team (due to the increased opportunities for points for veterans)
  • 12 Individual Scores from the 6 National Events (2 Standard, 2 Jumpers, 2 Gamblers) will be combined for the teams point total
  • Each member of the team MUST have at least two scores counted over the 6 events (ex. First dog could contribute 2 Jumpers scores; the Second dog could contribute 2 Jumpers scores and 2 Standard scores, and the Third dog could contribute 2 Jumpers scores, 2 Standard scores and 2 Gamble Scores)
  • There must be AT LEAST one score used from each of the three disciplines (Standard/Jumpers/Gamblers) (ex. first dog could contribute 1 Gambler score, 2 Jumpers scores and 1 Standard score; the second dog could contribute 2 Jumpers scores and 2 Standard scores, and the third dog could contribute 2 Jumpers scores and 2 Standard scores)
  • Organization and Compiling of the results for the award will be managed by a volunteer selected by the AAC Board
  • Winners will be announced at the Closing Award Ceremonies
  • Ties will be broken by a combined score of two of the teams’ six jumpers rounds. The two scores may be from the same or two different jumpers rounds. But the two scores must be earned by two different dogs on the team. (The Jumpers Rounds used to break a tie will be considered whether or not they were used in the original team scoring totals.) If still tied, Combined point total of Two Standards will be used, and if still tied the final determination will be the combined point total of Two Gamblers. (The two dogs used for point totals in subsequent tie breakers (Standard and Gamblers) do not have to be the same two dog’s as the two dogs used in the Jumpers point total to break the tie, but must still be two dogs, one dog cannot have both scores in the Standard or Gamblers tie breakers.
  • Entries will be received up until the end of the Nationals Competition Check In

For Questions email overoverboing@shaw.ca


3-Dog Team Entry Form 2017-