(UPDATED June 17, 2017: Please note this has changed from original posting about an outdoor reserved crating system)

Crating is available in two designated areas – outdoors, sand ring to the west of the Regular ring and horse stalls in the barn to the south of the Regular ring. Marked security personnel will patrol the crating areas/isles, and everyone within the crating areas must be wearing a security wristband. The outdoor sand ring will be first come/first serve – competitors can take any spot other than those pre-marked for organizers. There will not be a reserve system in place for this crating area (it was originally posted that there would be reservations accepted, but the we have decided these spots will be free of charge)

There is free unsecure crating in various areas in the grass around the site (but spots close to the competition rings are limited – a map of the grass areas permitted for use will be posted on the website. Competitors must provide their own shade tents for the outdoor crating sand ring – there will be no communal tents.

For those traveling without tents, or who prefer to be undercover, we have arranged the rental of horse stalls from tbird.

The cost to reserve half of the stall for the weekend will be $25 per person. If you wish to reserve the whole stall the cost is $50 per stall and will be up to you as to how many people you wish to share your stall with! However, if you are renting half a stall, we ask that you, as a courtesy to the person who paid the same fee and been assigned the other half of that stall, do not invite non-paying friends to share your half stall. This is a subsidized rate to assist those traveling from out of town, who may not have access to shade tenting.

There is no reservation process for the horse stalls, you will be assigned one, based on when your online entry is submitted (you can just pay for the stall and go back on later to pay for the rest of your entry).

If you wish to have a stall reserved beside someone or in groups, there will be a $5 fee (per stall) for the handling of these requests. This fee must be included with original payment for the horse stall. Send your grouping request to after you have paid for the stall(s) and the grouping fee. You may pay for more than one stall during the online registration process.

BC COMPETITORS: Please note that we will not be allowed to crate on the grass around the sand rings as we did during the BCY Regionals – please do not plan for that to be your crating area.