NOTE: We have removed the direct link to as it is blocking anyone who clicks on it from this site and you can’t access your account correctly.

Please go to (with www. in front) for online entry to the Nationals. If you have any issues with forgotten passwords, or accessing your account please send an email to

2017 Nationals Premium English.pdf

2017 Nationals Premium English.doc

The premium is not an entry form for Nationals. That must be done ONLINE through as it states on page 24 of the premium:

After completing the entry form, verify your order and continue to ‘payment’. You will see the instructions on payment options:

  1. a) Pay with PayPal, or
  2. b) Mail printout and cheque in Canadian funds, payable to Agility Association of Canada. (printout will have address of Lisa Koncsik – you can mail cheque to that address)

You can mail your Amateur Handler application to Lisa at the same address or send a picture by email to

The 3-dog team application goes to Tracey Mallinson at (email a picture).

The IFCS team selection please follow these instructions:

To apply for the team, go to to ensure that you meet the criteria, fill out this form (page 15 of nationals premium), and send it to the address listed on the selection page (Arlene Lehman) BEFORE closing date for Nationals.