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Is the "Art of Persuasion",
There is something Positive in it for both parties.
Lynda Caughlin

In 2011 we decided to go with it and build an arena to be able to train & teach all year round.

We also have 2 outdoor agility rings, both 100 x 100.
One ring is for training and the other one is strictly for competitions.
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Roadsters Agility Club Philosophy
At Roadsters, we strive to create a positive relationship between dogs and their handlers through the use of positive reinforcement, operant conditioning, and motivational play training. Our goal is to build strong basics for solid future training. We provide quality training that allows handlers to build a solid foundation for lifelong relationships with their pets, whether they become competitive agility dogs or not. We believe that the skills required for a ‘great’ agility dog emerge from a ‘great pet’, and we strive to help owners and their dogs experience JOY throughout their training and performance.

QUALITY. Producing products of uncompromising quality and safety
DEDICATION.To pets, to veterinary team members, to owners; providing the highest quality whole food nutrition to dogs and cats through a partnership with the veterinary team
TRANSPARENCY. Operating with integrity and transparency in every interaction with our associates, veterinary clinics, pet owners, and our suppliers