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Rayne is 100% Canadian owned and managed, bringing whole food diets to the veterinary market, designed through collaboration of top experts in veterinary medicine and nutrition.

Rayne diets deliver what your canine athlete needs to perform their best; generous levels of high quality/highly digestible proteins, high levels of omega 3 fatty acids to protect your athlete’s joints, and an optimal blend of fibres and prebiotics to promote GI health.

Developed to be multi-indication for the toughest cases and as a perfect choice for multi pet homes, Rayne diets are made from whole food ingredients; free from corn, wheat, soy, and animal by-products.

Rayne offers a more natural approach, with whole food, less processed for your pets and ours. After all, we are pet owners, too.
The Healing Power of Science and Nature

The Omega Alpha Advantage:

Many companies produce herbal formulations, but only Omega Alpha manufactures supplements based on proven scientific research and testing, not popular fads and media/marketing manipulation. Currently Omega Alpha manufactures over 100 natural health products, many of which have been clinically evaluated by pharmacists and medical or naturopathic doctors. When buying nutraceuticals from Omega Alpha for yourself or your family, you can be sure that only the best all-natural ingredients are included in the natural health industry’s most intelligent formulations to help support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We are proud of everything we make, and it shows in the quality of our products.We produce a number of products; raw dog and cat food,raw dehydrated dog and cat food, and treats.
$250 gift certificate to every 1st Place Podium Winner!

We Provide Sedation-Free Oral Care to Dogs and Cats.

Our goal is to provide pet owners with the best possible oral hygiene for their pets and to help educate them on how proper dental maintenance contributes to the overall good health of our pets. Studies show that gum issues also affect dogs & cats. Just as with humans, if left unattended it can lead to more serious problems such as heart disease. In fact, the more we learn about our four legged friends, the more we learn that oral hygiene is just as important to our pets as it is to us. That means brushing and regular cleaning alongside veterinary care!
doo-n-go™ poop bags are sized to fit your pup’s poop. Our bags are made with 3 different materials, (HDPE made with d2w, PLA, and PVA), come in 4 sizes, scented, and unscented. doo-n-go™ cat litter liners come in 2 styles (twist tie and drawstring) and 2 sizes.